A good white elephant gift is novel and unexpected, but also remotely useful, though probably more trouble than it’s worth. The Selfie Toaster certainly fits that description, and it’s sure to be a stand out in your gift exchange. This must-have product for every toast-loving ego-maniac, is named in Time Magazine’s 25 Weirdest Gadgets of All Time, and unquestionably deserves that honor.

The custom toaster heats up CNC cut metal plates that burn your desired image on the bread. The plates are easily interchangeable so you can enjoy a variety of toasted art. Just upload images through their website to get new plates made. Clear, close-up pictures work best but they say they will try anything. The sides of the toaster itself can also be customized with an uploaded image.

You could order a Selfie Toaster with some starter plates, and whoever gets it can order more plates at any time. You could also buy the Selfie Toaster on Amazon and it will come with one starter plate and redeemable codes that people can use to order custom plates later. It’s a nice option for gifting this thing, but if you have some ideas for toast designs you could create some plates in advance. They also have a variety of ready made toaster plates including their popular Jesus toast.

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darth vader toaster white elephant gift

jesus toaster white elephant gift