Crickets aren’t just for lizards anymore! Humans can now enjoy the rich flavor of these protein and calcium-rich insects with a variety of cricket-based foods. Chapul Cricket Energy Bars are made with cricket flour and come in flavors like the Aztec Bar (dark chocolate, coffee and cayenne), the Chaco Bar (peanut butter and chocolate), the Matcha Bar (green tea, goji berry, and nori) and the Thai Bar (coconut, ginger, and lime).

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It takes 4-5000 crickets to make 1 pound of cricket flour. The crickets are collected at FDA registered farms, pressure cooked, and ground into powder. Crickets provide double the protein of beef, as much calcium as milk, more iron than spinach, as much Vitamin B12 as salmon, and 17 essential amino acids. Cricket flour is great for baking homemade breakfast bars and sprinkling in delicious, green-as-grass smoothies.

Pro Tip: Whip up your best cake and share with everyone at the office and see if anyone notices (hint: they won’t!). Enjoy your holiday vacation and send an email telling everyone what they just ate.