If you’re looking for a high end gift you might consider a DNA genetic testing kit like 23 and Me. The subject’s DNA is collected through saliva, analyzed in a lab, and a detailed report is ready in 6-8 weeks.

– The genetic report can tell whether someone is a carrier for over 35 inherited conditions including cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, and hereditary hearing loss.
– Ancestry reports provide details of family history like maternal and paternal lineage.
– Wellness reports provide info to help make choices about diet, exercise, and sleep.
– Trait reports explore personal preferences and physical features from hair loss to toe length ratio.

A DNA kit will surely be the most coveted gift in your white elephant exchange, and it’s a gift that may just save someone’s life. The subject can choose to participate in the 23 and Me Research Program which helps scientists understand disease and discover new therapies and cures.

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