Reader Submitted Best and Worst White Elephant Gifts

We asked our readers to share the best and worst gifts they’ve ever received in a white elephant exchange. There are some truly awful ones that would be a disappointment for anyone, but at least we know where the bar is set. On the flip side you may get some ideas for gifts that have been well received by others. Do you have an interesting story about a good or bad white elephant gift? Please share it in the comments section!

I once got an open, stale box of vanilla wafers. It was awful! I guess it was supposed to be funny, but it was just disappointing.


My worst white elephant gift was a T-shirt with a picture of my friend on it… Need I say more? I still have it cuz she keeps asking me about it.


A $25,000 lottery ticket. They let me carry on for 2 whole hours in front of everyone. I’ve never been more embarrassed in my whole life because I didn’t know it was fake but they all did. I have not spoken to them in 15 years!


The worst white elephant gift I’ve ever received were checker pieces. Yes just checker pieces, no board.


The worst elephant gift I received was a blank wrapped box. They forgot to put the gift in…


At my husband’s WORK Christmas Party, where children were present, I opened a gift that had an adult toy in it! It was quite inappropriate, especially given the setting. We placed it HIGH on a shelf so none of the kids got into the package, and wanted to make sure it was removed when the event was over and thrown out. When we went to get it, it was gone, someone stole it and took it home, LOL!


The worst was a pillow with Justin Bieber’s face on it.


My worst was a ziploc container of pudding.


The worst gift I received was edible underwear.


The worst was a dead frog preserved in formaldehyde.


A turquoise t-shirt that had a 3-D wolf picture on it so the wolf moved when you did.


The worst white elephant gift I ever got was a banana saver, which is this yellow piece of plastic shaped like a half of a banana. It opens and you put the other half of your banana in it.


A piece of card board that read, “Merry Christmas!”


I got a leather fringe bra one time.


The worst one I got was small bars of hotel soaps.


For the worst gift I received a dollar, a token gift from someone who forgot about the exchange.


A cigarette dispenser where the cigarette ejects out of the camel’s butt.


The worst one was a bunch of pennies… who does that?!


I got a toilet plunger.


My husband and I got a rat trap once. That was disgusting!


The worst gift I’ve gotten was a used Slap Chop with the blade missing, so it was basically a cannister with a pokey stick.


A pet rock. In 2015…


Worst gift I received was a coffee bag that was already used it was not even worth opening.


The worst white elephant gift I ever got was a tacky christmas necktie with images of vomiting reindeer. I don’t know why but I held on to it.


The worst White Elephant gift I received was an old World Glass Christmas Ornament of a parrot wearing a Santa hat.


My worst white elephant gift was a pooping hippo Keychain.


The worst gift, it was to be a joke gift, White Nun Wine. The person was saying I was like a nun. I said thank you and re- gifted it. I’m not a wine drinker.


The worst gift I got was  5 very old cookbooks.


The worst was what was supposed to be snowman, hand-crafted. No hat, crooked eyes just awful.


Cookie Monster cook book and apron.


I received was a box of weird small fabric scraps from a cousin that thought I could “turn them into something”. I turned them into the trash can.


The worst was a bag of small rocks.


A Batman mask.


I once received a Christmas ornament in the shape of a snowman that had my name on it. Far too heavy to hang on a Christmas tree and because it has my first name on it, I couldn’t even try to sell it or regift it to just anyone.


Worst was a pair of used socks. Ha!


The worst white elephant gift I ever got was a small box of kleenex.


A stack of pictures and no frames.


Worst was probably a whoopie cushion because…well who really wants that as an adult?


The worst white elephant gift I ever received was a large plastic acorn. I honestly have no clue what the purpose of it was, lol. I think someone saw it on clearance from Thanksgiving items, grabbed it and ran with it! I think I still have it somewhere, stored away with my Fall decor.


The worst? Men’s thong underwear…lol


The worst white elephant gift I have been stuck with is a book of fast food coupons that I will never use.


The worst White Elephant Gift I received was a hand-painted ceramic black snowman with eyes that lit up red from a lightbulb inside. So strange!


The worst was Monkey slippers.


A recording of my husband’s annoying chewing.


I got a 1000 piece puzzle with nothing but cats on it. Found out, it was already opened, and one piece was missing.


I got a stress toy. One of those made out of foam. It was in the shape of a nose and even had a real bandaid on it like it was wounded.


A bar of soap.


A homemade sock puppet.


The worst white elephant gift was a bag of lint and an empty wine bottle.


Worst white elephant gift received: a bag of old socks.


Worst was a broken, used elephant trinket.


The worst was a desk light with shells and neon colors, it is horrendous, still trying to get rid of it.


I got this totally ugly wooden student holding my favorite teacher sign with a horrible corduroy outfit. So tacky!


Dish towels with leaping frogs on them.


I once received old VHS videotapes clearly from a video store that had never been returned.


An autographed picture of the giver.


A deck of cards with sexual escapades on it at a company Christmas party. Awkward! Threw them in the trash on the way out of the party.


I once received a holiday sweater complete with Santa, reindeer, presents and a tree and this was NOT a gag gift. I actually wore it for a get together we had with the gift giver. After that I never wore it again…except at Ugly Christmas Sweater parties.


The worst was a neon zip up sweater- I couldnt give it away!


I got a chia pet at an office white elephant party. It was still sitting unopened on a desk 5 months later when they fired me.


The worst was tickets to drag racing…


My worst was a set of railroeds ties with wolves on top of them, yikes.


My worst white elephant gift was a giant cheese tray in the shape of a football.. keep in mind I absolutely hate sports.


The worst was last year at the family reunion when I got bubbles.


Worst: My own gift back.


A $25 off coupon of a purchase of $50. NOT a gift! lol


A candle that smelled like dirt.


An autographed NASCAR cap. I don’t like anything to do with NASCAR and I do not wear men’s caps.


I received a used paintbrush.


Some awful smelling perfume.


The worst gift was a t-shirt that was 3x too big.


The worst white elephant gift I ever got was a junky flashlight that never worked.


The worst: a wooden recorder (flute), never played it.


Tacky stationary.


The worst was a lifetime supply of bubble gum.


My worst was a small, soccer themed keychain that was made out of some cheap metal. It broke immediately.


The ugliest “turkey tureen” that I have ever seen; I saved it until the next year and gave it away as a white elephant gift.


The worst was a box of cow poop.


Used garden ties.


The worst was a book about parenting… and I’m not a parent.


The worst was a pair of bookends that was 20+ years old.


Worst: wide toothed detangling comb.


The worst white elephant gift I received was a pack of adult diapers.


The worst was an ashtray. I don’t smoke.


The worst was a can of spotted dick.


I got a little pig figurine in a little house.


A hair brush with hairs in it. Ugh!


A set of coasters made of metal w/ rivets. Doesn’t work practically & looks hideous!


A very smelly candle that made me sneeze over and over.


The worst was some whitey tighty undies.


I think the worst was a jewelry box and John Deer hat.


Worst was an ugly sweater that was 2 sizes too small – ugh.


I received an Xbox controller and I don’t even have an Xbox!


Worst was a pair of earrings made out of Elephant Tusk. Shame on her!


I received an ugly used sweater once!


The worst white elephant gift was a box of large size maxi pads.


My worst white elephant gift was a steel sponge.


My worst gift was a combo – my partner received a samurai sword, and I received a very old VCR. Which we then had to carry through a very seedy area at about 3 AM on our way home. I feared we’d be arrested as some kind of retro electronic thieving ninjas.


Someone gave me fake dog poop.


Worst…. A bowling pin.


I got a meat grinder.


One time I won the gift I brought – a dvd of the Pink Panther movie because no one else wanted it.


I got a fruitcake.


The worst gift was tater mitts!


The worst was some used Christmas tree ornament.


The worst was a very ugly set of placemats.


Worst gift was literally a bag of chips!


The worst was a package of Krazy Straws.


Fragrance candles, as I’m allergic to fragrance!


The worst was a really tacky pot holder and mitt set. Ugly!!


Worst= roll of toilet paper.


Worst was a key chain with a squeeze light.


The worst white elephant gift I’ve gotten is an electronic fly swatter.


The worst was a Kazoo set.


My most diasappointing gift was an oversized lollipop.


A broken hair clip.


My worst gift was a pasta maker, that I hardly ever use. I used it once and I still have it. But it is much easier to just buy a box of noodles.


The worst was a used deck of playing cards.


A board game that was missing most of the pieces!


I received a fake and very ugly cactus plant once, it was horrible.


Half eaten cookies!


The worst was a snow globe that started leaking on the way home. It was ok otherwise, but the leak I did not appreciate lol


The worst white elephant gift I got was a pizza pillow. I’m vegan.


The worst white elephant gift I’ve ever received was a huge (two sizes too big) peach sweater with these giant attached knitted flowers with sequins and pearls in the centers to tack them to the sweater.


The worst was when I got tampons, but it was funny.


Wine…we don’t drink so it was useless. ?


My worst was a metal food can with the label ‘unicorn meat’ which I took a picture of and threw away.


I got a toilet seat. It had been going around the office for years.


The best gift was probably a lotto ticket, but since it wasn’t a winner I guess any other gift would have been better.


The best white elephant gift that I have won was a set of poker chips. Unfortunately they have cost me money since I’m terrible at poker.


The best white elephant gift I got was lotto tickets. I won $20!


A little Mexican bird statue…the giver thought it was a gag gift but I secretly LOVE it!


A $200 Walmart gift card!


The best gift was a $100 Target gift card.


The best would be a movie gift pack.


The best white elephant gift IS the worst one. That’s what makes it the best! I once received a painted platter of a beaver chomping on a stump. The stump had an entirely unintended, but undeniable, phallic look to it.


My best one was a $25 gift card to hobby lobby along with a pretty kitchen sign and a basket.


An art set.


The best white elephant gift was a book on how to survive the zombie apocalypse. It was a pretty humorous and somewhat informative book.


My best gift was a blender.


My best white elephant gift was a set of baking books. I have used more recipes out of those 2 books than any of my other 100 cookbooks.


White Elephant gifts aren’t supposed to be good. I gave someone a movie poster from a movie called Message From Space one time (It was a really bad Japanese rip-off of Star Wars). I thought that was the most awesome bad white elephant gift of all time.


The best white elephant I ever got was an antique Iron bed.


My best white elephant gift was the clapper. I still have it and use it daily!


My best gift? Probably a set of jumper cables and a long extension cord, which are still in my trunk.


My favorite was tickets to a wine tasting.


The best white elephant gift I have ever received was a chip and dip heater.


Anything to do with coffee, coffee cups, bags of coffee, gift cards to get coffee!


The best white elephant gift I received was a cute necklace and matching earings.


My best was a 200 dollar visa gift card.


The best gift was tickets to Jeff Dunham show as I never laughed so hard in all my life.


A new pair of tennis shoes! I was so happy!!


A handmade blanket.


Best was a Pearl ring.


The plaster sign for my garden was a great gift.


My best gift was a box of horror vhs tapes. Flipped them for $500.


The best was a Starbucks gift card.


The best white elephant gift I ever got was an eyeshadow palette and some chocolate covered cherries.


The best gift I got was a bottle of wine that was called Sassy Bitch.


The best white elephant gift I’ve ever received was a squeegie, because I actually needed one!


Best gift was a robe I’m still wearing 20 years later.


The best gift was cash!!


The best was a birdhouse.


The best was a nice bar of handmade soap. I haven’t used it but, I still have it.


A box that contained dollar bills taped together in a long scroll. It was actually kind of awesome.


The best was concert tickets.


The best white elephant gift was a strainer for the kitchen.


The best was a beautiful bracelet that was apparently made by their cousin. Really pretty, and handmade too.


My favorite gift was a scented candle.


A gift card to Target!


The best white elephant gift I ever got was a pretty hand painted picture by a lady from our church.


A snowman throw blanket.


I received a lovely vase that I use every day as a white elephant gift.


The best: an actual vintage ceramic elephant figurine.


The best was a pair of soup mugs.


I got some candles that were pretty nice.


Motor oil and jumper cables.


Best: any time I received a gift card for gas or food.


I loved the dish towels as white elephant gift. I use them for so many things.


The best was chocolate candy.


The best white elephant gift I recieved was a bottle of Fat Bastard wine. It was a really great bottle of wine.


My best was a spa certificate.


My best would be a gift card.


The best gift was cash.


The best was coffee.


My best white elephant gift was some lovely Christmas ornaments.


The best was a bottle of wine.


The best white elephant gift was probably chocolate and wine.


The best white elephant gift I got was a lovely scarf.


I got a grocery bag for my car.


The best was a box of See’s candy.


The best was DVDs and alcohol.


The best was a gold bar necklace.


The best gift I received was a gift card to amazon.


I only did a white elephant gift exchange once and I got a bubblegum machine.


The best gift? Probably the laptop I’m currently using.


The best gift was painted wine glasses.


Best white elephant was nail polish.


Playing cards! Then taught 52 pick up.


Flowers were my best gift.


Best was a beautiful Snowman Cookie Jar.


The best white elephant gift I ever got was a can of elephant meat from someone’s Africa travels. It was in a can kind of like a Spam can.


The best White Elephant gift was a homemade vase.


The Best White Elephant gift I received was a Visa Gift Card.


Best white elephant gift received: an old TV that was wildly popular with my little kids.


The best ‘white elephant’ gift I got was probably a very useful umbrella that worked for a really long time!


Best and worst: popup hamper. I still have it because my cat thinks it is a mesh fortress.


My best white elephant was a great pair of leggins that I still wear today.


My favorite white elephant gifts are “ugly” Christmas sweaters. Love them and have a collection.


The best white elephant gift I have received is a DSLR camera.


The best one was a gorgeous bath set that must have cost a fortune for the original gift giver.


Best gift= a whole pineapple!


Selfie stick.


Best was a Christmas snowman stocking.


Best was a bright green lamp…that thing lasted for so many years!


The best gift was a bottle of Opium cologne.


Best would be a joke book.


Best: movie tickets


Best white elephant: A gift card to Borders Book Store. I love books.


A lottery ticket that actually won money!


The best white elephant gift I got was cotton socks. Doesn’t sound fantastic but it saved me a trip to the store and money when the heels in my old ones had holes.


The best was a picture frame. Most people don’t like those, but I really needed one!